Positive Psychology & Mindfulness
This looks at positive human functioning and flourishing on multiple levels. We reflect on what holds the greatest value in life and how to find joy, as well as how we can create space for mindfulness and reflection.

In Tune with Nature
We are ever more removed from nature in our daily life. We run workshops to enable you to reconnect with healing properties of the natural world and see anew the beauty and serenity which is there to be discovered.

The Wisdom of Horses
Horses can be wonderful teachers. They allow humans to discover new reserves of empathy, compassion and self-knowledge. They are also experts at mindfulness and show how simple it can be to live with awareness.

I was buzzing all the way home after such a fabulous day, inspired and brimming with the positive energy such like minded people gave off, all determined to question and learn.
— Debbie, course participant at Starlight Cottage


We promise that a trip to Starlight Cottage will be transformative - whether it is a chance to learn new skills, to reflect or to recharge. We look forward to welcoming you! 



FIND Inspiration 

Often we get caught up in the same routine, day in and day out. What is stopping you from introducing new habits? Want to eat healthier, tastier and more nutritious food? Want to start meditating? Want to feel autonomy in your life rather than being stuck on the same old treadmill? Take some time out and spark a new sense of adventure and possibility. Or come and stay in our Starlight Shepherd Hut for a chance to fully recharge.


Explore Nature

In today's screen-dominated world, it is easy to forget we need nature. We need to be connected to what grows, to the seasons, to the wonderful creatures and plants we live amongst. This photo is 'just' a dandelion head - but isn't it beautiful? Zoom in to the beauty and find energy through the flourishing you can find in the beautiful English countryside and take that inspiration back with you. 



It is important to eat food that nourishes both the soul and the body. Packed with nutrients and flavours. Not only will you always have amazing local produce served when you visit Starlight Cottage, we also offer courses in growing your own bountiful supply of fruit and vegetables and keeping happy hens.